Pwnboxer Review!!!

Multiboxing WoW PWNBOXER Software Review


Hey everyone, Jeff here and this is the final installment of my review of pwnboxer multiboxking sofware for WoW. I just wanted to thank you for spending a bit of time reading through this article and learning whats great and not-so great about it.

So without further ado…


Pwnboxer, multiboxing software, is the first of its kind developed to play multiple accounts of World of Warcraft in unison. What do you mean: play in unison? Well, you can basically control usually anywhere from 2 to 5 characters through key broadcasting and very simple macros created in game. Simply put: multiboxing is one person controlling multiple characters. Pwnboxer, multiboxing software, allows you to control 2 or more characters using one PC with ease.

For more details, checkout the pwnboxer homepage by clicking here: pwnboxer


I multibox because it brings an unprecedented change in the way I play and new challenges. However, it also helps me to level multiple characters and reap the rewards of making thousands of gold in very short order since I can queue, and run an instance where all profits go directly into the backpacks of my characters. Imagine getting 2, 3, or 5 characters to level 90 all at the same time? The efficiency gains from being a multibox player is unparalelled. Very little down time equals more time for the money.

Multiboxing, and dual-boxing for that matter also make world pvp a blast. Being able to focus or train directly on one enemy will more often than not mean a short demise for them. It does take some practice to get it down, but once you learn the ropes you become a very hard target to stop. It’s also a ton of fun to ward off all of your enemies, because you will become quite envied, feared, and despised if you are good. Nothing better than some good ole fame or infamy if you ask me.


I use pwnboxer because of its following and age in service. Pwnboxer is the oldest out there and the software is very stable. In fact, I have never experienced an issue or functionality problem with it. There is also a large following of players out there and well established forums to share stories and get the latest trends in multiboxing play styles and character selection. The endless amount of available information means that you will always have someone to chat with. Be sure to checkout the forums at as well.

Come on man. How easy is it to use REALLY use?

It’s a snap. You can literally get started within 5 minutes of purchasing pwnboxer by creating a few very simple macros such as:

  • /focus character name
  • /follow focus
  • /assist focus

There are many more macro and ability tricks that you can pull together. It is actually pretty much endless once you learn to focus and interact with targets, more on that here:

Amazing gameplay demonstration from Tim at pwnboxer! This is a full video tutorial and a must watch. Grab some popcorn!

So, yeah…it REALLY is that easy to use. Awesome…right? Read on friends.


When you buy pwnboxer, you get once licence that allows you to play any number of WoW accounts from your PC. You also get the ability to basically put the pwn on anything, or anyone, you run across and can begin dominating in nearly everything you can do.

Pwnboxer is extremely versatile and allows you a serious degree of flexibility with features like:

  • Keyboard and mouse broadcasting from one character window to another.
  • Multiple monitor support on a single PC.
  • You can also monitor your internet connection see exactly how your network is performing.
  • Programmable virtual keyboard buttons allow Dockable Clickmapping. Meaning that you can click anywhere in your character window to activate keystroke broadcasting to all of your toons.
  • Swap game windows a single keystroke. This allows you to see the smaller game windows in large view instantly. Just hit the key to move the windows back to the original order.
  • Pwnboxer has been around for quite some time (2009 to be exact) and is constantly updated to support the latest World of Warcraft updates and game changes.
  • You can also use Twitter and access the internet from within the actual game with Pwnboxer!
  • You can also adjust and control individual WoW graphic and sound settings for each game that you have running to maximize PC performance!


It cost $47 USD per year for the pwnboxer software plus however many Warcraft accounts you decide to multibox. Let’s look at it like this. Here is the breakdown…

We will assume that you pay for WoW accounts in 6 month increments to save a few bux. So that would be $77.94 for each account PLUS the $47 pwnboxer software and WoW software of course. I am only looking at monthly fees here, why? Because that’s what we have to decide to live with if we go the multiboxing route.

That said, let’s break it down to daily cost.

  • Pwnboxer costs: 0.128 pennies per day :)
  • Each WoW account costs: 0.043 pennies per day

What this means is that you will be spending a WHOPPING (insert sarcasm here):

  • $2.26 per day to multibox 5 toons
  • $1.41 per day to multibox 3
  • $.98 per day to dual-box 2

So for the sacrifice of a burger at the local Wendy’s, or a 16oz bottle of coke, or a pack of gum, you too can multibox. Seems like a sweet deal to me :)


System requirements are minimal at best and any PC or MAC made in the last couple of years should be able to handle it. Certainly any with a quadcore processor. And no you don’t need multiple monitors. One will do just fine.


YES, it is 100% legal. Just check-out the blue post from Bizzard below.

People in the game might want to call you a cheater, but oh well, maybe they just can’t handle not having as much fun as you; or the fact that they have only one half-geard toon to boot. At any rate, you can multibox 100% worry free since it is NOT a violation of the Terms of Use. How bout that?

Multiboxing is legal
Blizzard Approves of Multiboxing

Click here to find more information: pwnboxer home



  1. The biggest benefit of multiboxing is that pwnboxer has delivered an entirely new playing experience to me that was totally void before. I don’t have to use the Dungeon Finder to gather loot. I just join as a group and go. I also get to benefit from hording all of the loot and keeping to to myself. Yup, greedy…
  2. Pwnboxer allows you to easily run up to 5 WoW accounts simultaneously from one PC and the key broadcasting along with ability to fast game switch from toon-to-toon with a single key-stroke.
  3. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. I am a very busy person and when I do have time to play, I need to make the most of the time I have. Pwnboaxer allows me to do just this and the the rewards are multiplied by 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x depending on how many characters I box at any given time. You just can’t beat that playing one toon at a time.
  4. I have to also mention RAF (recruit-a-friend). You can recruit your own accounts and benefit from the free blizzard in-game items such as mounts and most of all an accelerated experience gain rate. You will level your characters in no time at all!


  1. Yearly subscription for service. I guess some will argue this point, but I only really like to pay for things once, but we subscribe to the game, we subscribe to phone service, we subscribe to cable service, we subscribe to internet service, and so forth. But hey, it still bugs me. You will also need to pay for more than one WoW account.
  2. While there are tons of videos stored at the pwnboxer website that can be used as tutorials, I found it sometimes hard to find exactly what I was looking for when I first started to use the software. New Multiboxers and dualboxers could benefit from written tutorials with pictures and step-by-step set-up, gameplay, and tips and tricks.
  3. Recent changes in the /follow command introduced by Blizzard in April 2013 makes it difficult for multibox players to compete in Battle Ground scenarios since the slave toons can’t follow the master toon around the battlefield. I see this as a minor con though, because you can still /follow in World PVP and in instances and raids allowing you to gank in the wilds and horde piles of loot to yourself.

I am sure that we will see changes to this since Blizzard actually stands to benefit from players who have multiple accounts and we all know that at the end of the day – money is the bottom line.


In summary, I find pwnboxer and multiboxing in general to add a great element to the game and that it really enhances my playtime and experience. Pwnboxer is sold through clickbank and your money is safe should you change your mind. So give it a go.

Click here and pwn NOWpwnboxer multiboxing software for wow

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Multiboxing – Goblin Shammies

multiboxing goblin shaman

Triple-boxing Goblin Shammies

Hey everyone,

I pulled the party together and went with, what, wait, can you guess? I went with a combination of toons not even listed in the post below.


Well, given a bit of time to ponder things, I went with a multiboxing set of 3 Goblin Shaman for a few reasons.


  1. I don’t really have a ton of experience playing Shamans in WoW. So little in fact, I believe the highest i’ve ever levelled with one is somewhere around lvl 30. I see this as a bit of discovery for me and adds the challenge of learning a new class myself.
  2. Shaman do have a lot of utility and since they can heal and DPS, I felt that a pack of 3 would be more up to the job than some of the mixed groups I first thought of
  3. I reasoned that having a mixed group would have simply watered-down the stacking affect too much for my taste when running a small team.


Since we are multiboxing, it is beneficial to take advantage of how the ailitites and spells stack when using multiple numbers of the same character type.

Shaman have a great arsenal at their disposal. They can wear chainmail, they DPS and heal well, they can make good use of AOE, and dump loads of totems all over the place to keep things in control. Besides, spamming chain lightening, and chain heals will be too good to pass-up.

Given their utility and felxibility, things should be a little more manageable in both PVE and PVP situations. This will give us plenty of opportunity to make solid use of DPS while keeping ourselves alive with heals, and slipping away in wolf form should things get out of hand.


I will post a short video showing you how to get going with pwnboxer on your first day to make the most out of your dualboxing, or multiboxing campaign. Including essential World of Warcraft addon’s. Stay tuned.


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Multiboxing system requirements

Hello everyone, Jeff here.

I wanted to make a quick post regarding the system requirements you need to meet in order to actually use multiboxing software to play World of Warcraft. I plan on going into in depth discussion about the requirements in my final review, but to get things started I thought I would let you know that the system requirements are quite minimal and most anyone should be able to make use of the software quite easily.

mutliboxing and dualboxing WoW gaming rig

multiboxing gaming rig for WoW

Pwnboxer actually lets slower PCs run games more efficiently as shown on their home page! Pwnboxer has many built-in features that will take instances of games such as World of Warcraft and allow you to adjust settings such as FPS, CPU affinity, and graphics levels to run them more efficiently on your PC.This is great news for people who have older gaming rigs or low end systems. You also don’t need multiple displays since the windows for each of your characters can all be displayed on one monitor.

I have a dual monitor set-up myself and actually prefer to use just one to play as opposed to using more than two like some people. Dual monitors are pretty slick for a dualboxing set-up since you can use the full screen of each.

The point is, that you don’t have to have a load of equipment to make the best of the software, nor does it need to be extremely powerful to perform well. As you will see in upcoming videos, my system does the job easily and my hardware is a few years old at this point.

And introducing my humble gaming rig: EXODUS

Ominous name, I know, and just to satisfy curiosity and bring out the alpha nerd in me. It’s named after the end boss in Ultima III: Exodus which happened to be a computer.

Yeah…I know. At any rate, my system specs are as follows.


  • Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Motherboard: MSI P67A-G45 (B3)
  • Intel: i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz
  • RAM: 16.0GB
  • Hard Drive: 2TB
  • Video card: R6950 Twin Frozr II (800MHz core, 2GB GDDR5 500MHz memory) – only one card installed
  • Displays: dual display set-up (LG 27 inch monitors)
  • Naga Razor mouse
  • Nostromo N52 game pad controller

My rig certainly is not ground breaking these days, but it definitely gets the job done and I plan to post more detailed specs as we progress.

See you next round – Jeff





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Multiboxing WoW – Getting started

Hey everyone, Jeff here and I wanted to thank you for stopping by and to let you know that this is the first post in a series that will bring you tips and tricks regarding multiboxing software and how to use it in World of Warcraft. What is multiboxing software? Simply put, it allows you to control multiple characters simultaneously. And just why would we want to do that? Well, quite frankly, its a ton of fun and allows you to get a whole lot done in a whole lot less time.

Getting Started with pwnboxer

Getting started with multiboxing

That said, we have a couple of things to sort out before we get going. I won’t be covering footage from Level 90 toons, at least not from the start. What I will be doing though is showing you how to multibox from the ground-up and how well things are progressing for me over time through both PVE and PVP. So without further ado, let’s get started.

THE FIRST THING TO SORT OUT: How many toons will we make?

We could dual-box, or we could run 5 characters. However, I am going to hold the line at 3 characters. Why? I have some friends that will most likely join the action from time-to-time and I want to have some room for them, and besides, its always an interesting ride to see what random players pop into the Dungeon Finder.

With that answered, let’s chat a bit about the composition of the party. I’ve outlined a few ideas of mine below:


  1. Priest, Mage, Mage
  2. Priest, Warlock, Warlock
  3. Restoration Shaman, Mage, Mage
  4. Restoration Shaman, Warlock, Warlock


These aren’t really ground-breaking combinations, but we need to have good healing and DPS capability to make the most out of things. The heals will also make sure we get instant queues in the Dungeon Finder as well to help make the best use of our time. I’m not one for downtime if i’m playing the game. I just like to roll.

OK, we’ve listed some ideas, what’s next?

I won’t leak that until the next update so you will have to stay tuned. Thanks again for stopping by. In the meantime, click here to get a look at pwnboxer yourself:

Take care.


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